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To design luxe spaces with epic impact.



Kathy Samaan Noumi, artist and designer, launched Samaan Design Group, her namesake brand after 10 years of renovating and selling her own homes across multiple U.S. states. What seemed like a windy road culminated in an interior design company which specialized in monochromatic, elegant, and above all else synergistic designs. Her goal is to bring an enlightened atmosphere to every space she creates.

Kathy’s design philosophy goes hand in hand with the simple idea that subtlety and elegance can still pack a lot of personality. Her luxe spaces are not just impactful but serenely beautiful.

Samaan Design Group produces work for public, commercial, and residential clients. Whether it's for multi-family, private homes, corporate offices, and everything in between, this design firm can transform any space with professional ease. Our design firm also does interior branding and packages for businesses. We create special moments within businesses so they can outshine the competition at every level brining brand awareness into their physical spaces.