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Based in New Jersey, We are an industry-leading, globally influenced design firm

Renowned for LUXURIOUS ATMOSPHERES and the seamless COHESION between interior DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION




BACKED by a FAMILY TRADITION in Renovation & Design



who we are

What started with Founder & Principal Designer Kathy’s passion for buying, renovating, and selling multiple homes throughout the United States, later became an established design firm with a vision to alleviate clients of the stressful, often all-consuming aspects of a major design project, by providing an elevated and seamless experience across all stages of the process from concept to completion.

Today, the design firm is best known for its timeless, yet sophisticated spaces that captivate from the moment you step into the space. With incredible attention to detail, Samaan Design Group creates serene spaces with intentionality and function that’s felt daily.

The Samaan Design Group team consists of designers & industry leaders with culturally diverse backgrounds bringing a unique creative perspective to every project. The Firm’s guiding design philosophy is that subtlety and elegance can still pack personality.

how it started

Kathy Samaan is the Founder and Principle Designer of Samaan Design Group, a leading Interior Design Firm based in New Jersey and serving clients across the United States. Kathy is best known for her design philosophy centered around monochromatic, elegant, and enduring styles.

As a first-generation American of Syrian descent, her diverse cultural background has influenced her design aesthetic, infusing it with a global perspective that is both sophisticated and unique. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Kathy’s heritage has instilled a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for opportunities. She is committed to giving back to her community and helping others achieve their dreams, both professionally and personally.

With nearly two decades of experience in design, real estate development, and construction, Kathy launched her namesake brand, Samaan Design Group, to leverage her industry experience and expand her impact in luxury residential and commercial design. Today, her experience in both design and construction has earned her the reputation of a trusted advisor in the industry. 

Overall, Kathy’s personal and professional background has contributed to her success as a leader in the design industry. Her creativity, innovation, and dedication to her craft continue to inspire her clients and colleagues alike. At the same time, her commitment to her heritage and community sets her apart as a remarkable individual.

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SDG is comprised of a diverse and talented group of individuals working locally and remotely, to deliver stunning outcomes for clients nationwide. 

FULL-SERVICE means you can rely on us to lead every part of your project from CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.

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Exceptional, stress-free, & luxurious is our standard.