sweet seduction

wallpaper $480-$1440

Each seduction starts with a small gesture. A gentle caress, a silently held gaze, and sometimes the simple vibrancy of an energy. Our sweet seduction collection started with a sultry red suit. This custom fit seduced its way into our hearts and its essence birthed fruit so beautiful it earned its name. Our mini collection includes a bespoke wallcovering exclusively designed by our principal designer, Kathy, and is made to order in the U.S. The coordinating pillows are made with the highest quality Italian fabrics and hand made in NYC by our master seamstresses. The arches, the colors, and the lush fabrics all cyclone together to create the perfect cocktail of sweet seduction. Wither you add an accent wall in your living room or you’re looking for a way to elevate your master bedroom this collection does it in spades. 

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