Raina Residence

Pops of color and vibrancy were not spared in this luxe townhome. Our client wanted to showcase her love the 70's in every inch of her home and we brought it in spades. From the acrylic egg chair to the shag rugs and hot pink accents.


Room 1

A flare of 70’s glam and Bollywood nostalgia brought
this concept to fruition. The warm tones of the entertainment space really enveloped the sentimentality of our clients heritage and packed her personality into the space in a big way. 

Room 2

What the client is saying

When I first spoke to Kathy, my request was for a space that was glamorous, classy yet had the warmth of a home and reflected my personality. It was a tall order, but if anyone could do it, it was Kathy.
She got it spot on. To say that the result surpassed my expectations would be an understatement.”

As I look around the home, I am unable to decide which is my most favourite place in the home. Every room is special. But hands down my favourite space of the house is my basement, which I had requested reflect a retro upscale lounge/entertainment space. This space is the perfect getaway when I need to relax.

Warmth comes from more than a quick fireplace install. It's embodied in the colors, textures, and layers created for a specific mood. For client, the assignment consisted of creating a warm inviting sanctuary. Not only did we bring the warm earth tones into her room but we also offered up brass accents, draping, and even a fountain install, making it her dream oasis.

Room 3

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