Peng & Chen Residence

A simplistic and modern vibe was the request for this stunning Hudson waterfront condo. The open concept living room, dining room, kitchen lent itself to this spectacular view. We opted to custom design a dining table with an acrylic top to accentuate the skyline. We added wood paneling behind the custom floating console to further the cohesive elements spilling in from the kitchen area. 

room 1

A monochromatic warm toned master bedroom happened to be a must for this couple. They wanted a wow factor and we decided to serve it up in the form of wood veneer wallcoverings, linen bedding, and shagreen leather nightstands. 

Room 2

When a professional gamer and his partner in crime want a co-working office space for their home workflow we knew exactly what to do. The beautiful 10 foot cabinet and integrated desk adorned with two tone accents and acrylic handles truly polished off the space is the most luxe way.

Room 3

Peng & Chen Residence

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