Medusa Offices

A lobby is supposed to showcase a company's essence. For Medusa distribution we brought their fun work environment to the forefront. With the playful accent seating and textures logo wall you won’t be able to miss this company’s soul as you walk through their front doors. 

Room 1


When Medusa founder, Danish Iqbal, came to us he wanted to breathe life back into their corporate space. And boy did we bring the life back in with almost pulsating colors and loads of personality. It was deeply important to him to have everyone not only feel comfortable but also truly enjoy their work day, and positively impact their lives in their daily environment. 

Room 2

In our initial design meeting this fun team of people told us this was their “Tupac” conference room. The playful nickname for this space sparked our creativity and we ran with it. This room is clad with yellow acoustic wall panels, a custom coffee bar, and a backlit curated logo wall that will glow from a mile away. 

Room 3

When you think of a lunch room you definitely don't anticipate lots of color or even textured walls but nothing is too out of the box for us. We wanted the staff at Medusa to have a unique and interesting daily lunch break. This space has fun playhouse booths, bar top areas, neon signs, and custom created vinyl wallcoverings. 

Room 4

This office had to embody the young founder who started his business not so long ago, yet has come so far. Danish wanted a space he could take calls in, but also have quick team meetings on comfortable couches, and even host afterwork powwows. Project scope was a tall order but we delivered. Custom shelving is being constructed, marble desks being ordered, and bringing in different textures really rounded out the space.

Room 5

Another lively work space created with the signature bright Medusa colors, as well as encouraging words on the walls throughout the space. Ensuring a positive, productive and enjoyable work environment. 

Room 6

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